Westward--Squarsail tallship of my college days. Sea Urchin burst with Willow mast.

Anchors Aweigh--Willow masts sprout from Estuary and Iridescent Bubble.

Mind's Breeze--Synapse and iris hull, with Elm mast.

Sky Boats

Sky Boat Flotilla

If the soul is the boat that carries my body--what would that boat look like?

Patterns and fractals--finding order and beauty out of chaos of the past year-- seemed like a good starting-place.

Making the boat hulls began with abstract watercolor painting on both sides of the card, then I added designs from nature in marker and pencil. My bedroom floor soon became a boatyard scattered with piles of branches and colorful scraps of cheesecloth. As you can see, obsession with the sails overtook the project!

Flight of Fancy--Willow rigging on Raincloud Blooms

Ghost Ship--Mossy spruce rigging from Red River, cobweb hull.

Red Sails in the Sunset "Carry my loved ones home safely to me." In honor of my father, who taught me to sail, and sang me that song. Hull of Red Coral and Neurons, mast of Red Dogwood.

Solar Dragon

36” x 72” x 36” | August 2020 | Copper wire, plastic coated wire, and dye on silk

New Mexico Art Education Association Member Exhibition

Tres Piedras Sky

24” x 12” April 2019

Oil on Canvas